FREE Embroidery Digitizing Courses from digitizers with nearly 40 years of digitizing and embroidery programming experience.

FREE Embroidery Digitizing Courses

Learn from the best!

1 on 1 Training from “old school” digitizers.

Learn how to digitize so your machine will purr and so your embroidery designs finish in a fraction of the time! Less threads breaks, happy operators, cut embroidery time in half! No more choppy, ugly, or off register embroidery.

Learn how to digitize MICROLETTERING!

Perfect for large companies with hundreds of heads, looking to cut production time, threads breaks and increase quality. Or for anyone looking to make an extra buck offering their digitizing services.

We learned how to digitize in the 1980s and have been doing it ever since. Back in the 1980s, a typical digitizing “station” with a 12 head embroidery machine could have cost as much as $250,000! YOU HAD to know what you were doing to run that kind of investment. Let us show you “how its really done”.

One on One Live Training

1-1 PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING. This is a FREE 1 on 1 training session. These sessions are performed LIVE and REMOTELY so you can even take the classes at home alone in your underwear!

No more poor quality embroidery

GARBAGE IN – GARBAGE OUT. Learn how to digitize like the best!

Even the “best”, most expensive embroidery machine in the world will only produce garbage if that is what you feed it! Have the best quality embroidery in town! See how some companies make it and other don’t.

In order to be applicable for our free courses, you must have a non-trial membership. First come, first served. Please contact us for an appointment. Our courses are scheduled in “blocks” and can be repeated. Feel free to come back for advanced training over time.