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Thread: Understanding Digitizing menu

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    Understanding Digitizing menu

    In the drawing area you can right click and the following menu will pop up:

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    This menu contains various sections and sub menus. The first 4 sections refers to digitization.

    • Normal
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      This option enables you to create normal stitches using lines and arcs. When you select the normal the cursor will change to

      Name:  DigNormalCursor.png
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      If want to create arc stitches the cursor will look like

      Name:  DigNormalArcCursor.png
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    • Column You may create two types of columns. A straight column and a column with an arc. In each case you need to have 3 or more points to create a column.

      In a straight column you will see a sub menu

      Name:  DigColumn.png
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      1. Column If you have not create a column yet this option will be enabled. Once the first column is create is option will be disabled.
      2. New Column At first this option will be disabled. If you wish to create a second column this option will be enabled.
      3. 3 Point Column If you like to create a triangle, this would be to choose this option.

      You may also create a column with an arc

      Name:  DigColumnArc.png
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      Here you also have a sub menu. Just like before, if you have not created a arc column yet, the first option will be enabled. If there is already an column and you wish to create a new arc column. The second option will be enabled.

    • FILL Fill command enables users to fill the certain area. Users can use columns to make fills on some areas, but there are plenty situations where fill does the job and column does not.

      Name:  DigFill.png
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      When you select the FILL option the cursor will have a box.

      Name:  DigFillCursor.png
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      1. Fill You will see that this will have the same affect as column
      2. Fill Hole If you wish to leave a piece blank. This option will enable to to create that. Let say you are create a window and the part of the window not to be filled. You can choose this option so that area is not filled.
      3. New Fill Like before, if you have already created a FILL area. This option will be enabled, to create a second FILL area.

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