I am new user and dont have much of experience with computers and specialized software such as Embroidery. Anyway my wife and I have small company and we see the potential in using Embroidery software but we are not sure how to start using it. One of our friends from Nebraska,told us that this particular software could help us in our business so we got little bit interested into getting more info.

I got his email with the link http://www.threadses.com/ few days ago and today decided to try my luck. I was not able to find link where to download the software and then called back my friend to Nebraska and he told me to put a post directly on the forum. I then went and registered on site as a user and got an email and now I am here.

Meanwhile I was able to find a link and downloaded the software on my local machine. When I wanted to start the software it asked me for my credentials. I put my username and password that I got in email when doing the registration but then I got a message that I am not a registered user or something like that.

I am now little bit confused how to start with a trial and check out the software. Is there another place where I should register? Is there maybe some kind of step by step tutorial on how to start using trial version?

I am very sorry for putting this basic questions on the forum but I am 57, and have just recently started to use a computer. My wife actually does all computer things,while my role is in finances.

Thank you